20 Facts That Prove Kelli Of “Insecure” Is The Best Friend We Need

HBO’s Insecure was a cultural phenomenon but only one character was the best representation of the lover, homie, and friend we strived to be.

Now the final season of HBO’s Insecure has come to an end, I have to find every chance to reminisce in the Black excellence that was this cultural phenomenon.

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Insecure was a beautiful love letter to south Los Angeles, and while all the characters were impeccably cast, few could outshine the multi-hyphenate extraordinaire Natasha Rothwell.

Rothwell’s character Kelli Prenny is the funniest being on the screen. Like the show’s stars, my millennial life was always in constant shambles, but Kelli’s raw humor and beauty were all the therapy I needed to straighten up my act. I think we can learn a lesson from her best moments.

Obviously, there are SPOILERS. If you haven’t watched the show, what are you waiting for?


Kelli showed me what a real LGBT ally looks like.

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When all her friends were making a fuss over a guy being bisexual, Kelli didn’t have it. She gave us the best example of how to stop playing games with people’s lives and speak up for queer folk when it matters most. Set the example, Kelli.


She was a whole-ass, supportive friend since day one.

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Her friends struggled on their career path, but Kelli didn’t struggle to find the time and coin to support them. Sure, she needed a few days before Issa could cash the check, but it’s the thought and amount that counts.


Ms. Prenny was pure comedy in the most awkward moments.

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When tension is poisoning the energy in the room, she always finds the right moment to interject with a little absurd humor that makes you forget all about your unnecessary drama.


She taught me to live in the moment.

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Party every day like it’s Kelli’s birthday. She took it a step further than blowing out candles and made everyone in her company play “We Did Say,” a game where they can’t say no to any suggestion. This is how you live life to the fullest.


Kelli said, “I’m not waiting on a handout.”

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As an accountant, she lightweight joked about getting reparations for her people by denying money to rich white men, and it was giving low-key illegal but iconic activism. She is Robin Hood, y’all.


There’s that time she praised her friend’s growth.

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Kelli birthed the meme that graced everyone’s reinvention phase and set me up for my 11th and hopefully final attempt at getting my life together. It’s a journey, not a destination. It’s just a Lord of the Rings, traverse the world type journey.


She did the nasty in the middle of a restaurant.

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Everyone’s too worried about what the next man is doing. Not Kelli. She got it all the way in at the dinner table in the middle of the restaurant with no regard for shame. I can barely speak up in large groups because of nerves. How do I get to this level?


One time she almost finished an entire marathon.


At the peak of her transformation phase, she almost finished a marathon. Unfortunately, the “red wedding” put her out of commission and back on her cycle. Regardless, she kept it positive, and I commend her dedication to the situation. She put everything into that race.


She broke it down gently to get my finances in order.

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Issa was all of us living with either crippling debts, unchecked anxiety, or a ridiculous misconception of what a savings account should actually look like. Kelli let us know we are broke-broke, and I received the read wholeheartedly.


Kelli reminded me that timing is everything.

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She taught me even if I plan ahead, life will always throw an audible on the play and leave me high and dry, wondering if I should’ve waited to take that edible in the first place. Now I’m sitting here looking a fool because I couldn’t wait. Patience is a virtue.


She peed herself, getting tased, trying to get to Beyoncé.

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Nothing could stop Kelli from obtaining her goal of seeing Beyoncé at Coachella. Not a group of raggedy festival kids or 50,000 volts from a taser. Yes, she peed herself, but I see it as a reminder of the struggle you must endure to succeed.


Kelli leaves nothing left to be said.

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When she thought she recognized an old flame at the Hollywood Forever cemetery, she immediately called him out in front of everybody. It led to a few seconds of embarrassment, followed by a rekindling of the flame and a fun night for everybody. Speak your mind.


Nobody stood a chance against her perfect Halloween outfit.

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Kelli’s outfits are steadily serving, “I’m corporate, but I’m cute.” Halloween changed the game when she had no problem rocking Halle Berry’s iconic look from B*A*P*S*. Forget what you heard. Kelli knows when she is the main character.


She went into business for the underprivileged.


After years of working for “the man,” Kelli took a huge step and went into business for herself and people who looked like her. She laid the foundation for this journey initially, and the follow-through was serving her community. This is how you level up.


She fought to be the godmother of her BFF’s baby.

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Our friends grow older, and we grow apart, but Kelli fought tooth and nail to stay a part of her best friend’s life before the baby was born. The end result was becoming a godmother and solidifying her friendship and dislike for children. We have to make sacrifices.


She was ready to take one for the team.


Once again, being the most supportive person in the group, Kelli, the makeshift bartender, was ready and willing for any indecent proposal to help her friends succeed. If your friendship can’t support me like this, I don’t want it.


I can’t believe she faked a British accent to get with Aminé.

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The things we do to impress hot people. Kelli pretended to have a British accent for an entire night just to get with a random hottie named Darnell (Aminé). The dude wasn’t that bright, so maybe it didn’t take all that, but I give her props for the flawless international code-switching execution.


She asked the hard-hitting questions with her friends.


Kelli led the charge asking the tough questions to herself and her closest friends. I need this type of dialogue in my life. Imagine the progress I could achieve if I worked as hard at conversation as Kelli.


She conquered her fears and became a mother.


In the beginning, Kelli was not here for children. So much so, she barely wanted her friend to have a baby. But she took a moment to practice what she preached, and she experienced growth in her character and womb.


She “died” at her college reunion.

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A slight mix-up at her college reunion saw Kelli’s “death” before her own eyes, and with the new perspective, she was able to reevaluate her entire existence in the world. I need this type of rebirth to get all my struggles and insecurities in order.

If you didn’t realize how amazing Natasha Rothwell as Kelli Prenny was until now, I forgive you. But now we have all the examples and no excuses to do better, be better.