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3 Zodiac signs likely to experience an inflow of money today; Read daily horoscope to know more



Have a look at what the stars have in store today for Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio. Read the daily horoscope of these 3 zodiac signs for June 19, 2021.

3 Zodiac signs likely to experience an inflow of money today; Read daily horoscope to know more

Zodiac signs Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio are likely to make monetary gains today as they will experience a sudden inflow of money. Check out what the stars have in store for these 3 zodiac signs for June 19, 2021.


Here’s what is on the cards today for Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio as shared by Kalashanti Jyotish. Read today’s horoscope of these 3 zodiac signs below. 


Cancer today’s horoscope


Cancer sign people will remain in a valorous form. They will be upbeat and in a commanding mood which will keep your rivals and negative people at bay. All your work will get through very easily and in a perfect form. A project is likely to draw wide acclaim and appreciation. Your brother is likely to give an important advice which will open up new possibilities to make progress. There will be an inflow of money.



Virgo today’s horoscope

Virgo sign people will do very well today.  They will enjoy the benefits of positive stars on all fronts. People will cooperate with you and there will not be any major hurdles. A new prestigious opportunity may cross your paths today if you are alert and conscious. An outing is indicated in the stars with your family members. There will be an inflow of money from various sources.

Scorpio today’s horoscope

Scorpio sign people will get positive and encouraging news about an increase in their salary or a solid arrear to be paid to them. You will earn prestige and appreciation for your efficient ways. A friend is likely to give a surprise. Your work will move as per your terms and conditions. It will be a favourable day for the traders who deal with decorative items including flowers. A peaceful evening with your family members is indicated in the stars.

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Court Nixes New Trial For ‘Making A Murderer’ Subject Avery



By The Associated Press.

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals on Wednesday unanimously rejected a request by “Making a Murderer” subject Steven Avery to hold a hearing on new evidence that he wanted to present for a new trial.

Avery is serving a life sentence for the 2005 killing of photographer Teresa Halbach, a case that became the focus of a popular Netflix series whose creators raised questions about the convictions of Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey.

Avery attorney Kathleen Zellner asked the court to consider claims ranging from insufficient scientific evidence to ineffective trial counsel. That request had been rejected in 2017 without a hearing and Avery, in his latest appeal, had asked for a hearing or new trial to consider the evidence.

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“Avery raises a variety of alternative theories about who killed Halbach and how,” the appeals court said. But it sided with attorneys for the state Department of Justice who argued the type of motion Avery filed is not the proper one to retry the case before a jury.

The appeals court said because Avery was appealing the lower court’s denial of a request for a new trial without holding an evidentiary hearing, the question before the appeals court was simply whether a hearing is warranted. It concluded that the lower court correctly rejected the call for a new trial without a hearing.

“We express no opinion about who committed this crime: the jury has decided this question, and our review is confined to whether the claims before us entitle Avery to an evidentiary hearing,” the appeals court said. “We conclude that the circuit court did not erroneously exercise its discretion.”

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Zellner, Avery’s attorney, tweeted that she was not deterred by the ruling.

“It pointed out the specific doors that are still open for Mr. Avery’s quest for freedom,” Zellner said. “We appreciate the careful review.”

Both Avery and Dassey maintain their innocence. The case gained national attention in 2015 after Netflix aired “Making a Murderer,” a multi-part documentary examining Halbach’s death. The series spawned conjecture about the pair’s innocence, but those who worked on the cases accused the filmmakers of leaving out key pieces of evidence and presenting a biased view of what happened. The filmmakers defended their work and supported calls to set Avery and Dassey free.

Dassey was 16 when he confessed to detectives he helped his uncle rape and kill Halbach at the Avery family’s salvage yard. A judge threw out the confession in 2016, ruling it was coerced by investigators using deceptive tactics. That ruling was later overturned by a federal appeals court and the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear his case.

Avery has been fighting unsuccessfully for years to have his conviction overturned and to be granted a new trial.

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Roddy White, Julio Jones Sued by Cannabis Company, Accused of Fraud



Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Tennessee Titans star Julio Jones (right) and former NFL wide receiver Roddy White (left) are among the defendants in a lawsuit filed by a cannabis company.

The former Atlanta Falcons teammates and their co-defendants are accused of alleged fraud and money laundering allegations, according to court papers obtained by the Tennessean.

Genetixs cannabis company claims that Jones, White and others sold around $3 million per month in cannabis since March and kept all the profits for themselves.

The lawsuit alleges the defendants illegally managed and operated Genetixs’ cannabis facility, and failed to report weed sales since March 2021.

Genetixs estimates about $3 million in cannabis was sold illegally by the defendants who then kept the profits for themselves.

According to the Tennessean newspaper:

“Jones and White, who were teammates with the Falcons from 2011 to 2015, are accused of colluding with John Van Beek and his son, Shaun Van Beek, to run a black-market cannabis operation through the Genetixs facility. Jones and White had invested in Genetixs through White’s SLW Holdings, per the documents.”

Posted in News

Tags: cannabis, embezzlement, Julio Jones, lawsuit, legalized weed, Roddy White

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Matt Damon’s Joke About Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez & Their ‘True Love’ Is Very Funny



Matt Damon has been repeatedly asked about his BFF Ben Affleck getting back together with his ex fiancee Jennifer Lopez decades after they split in the early 2000s.

In his latest interview, Matt decided to answer with a pretty funny joke.

Click inside to read what Matt Damon said…

“It sucks. I wish them nothing, but you know, hardship,” Matt said while appearing on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show. “But how else would I be? Like, would I be unhappy? Like, I hate true love.”

Find out Matt‘s other reaction when asked about Jen and Ben‘s trip to Europe for her birthday celebration!

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