September 26, 2021


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Eboni K. Williams Addresses Criticism Over Not Inviting Bershan Shaw to Shabbat on RHONY, Plus Bershan Reacts

Credit: Instagram/EboniKWilliams/BershanShaw

Eboni K. Williams faced backlash on Twitter amid Tuesday night’s new episode of The Real Housewives of New York City.

After making the decision to leave Bershan Shaw out of her Black Shabbat festivities, Eboni responded to being labeled as “offensive” and accused of bad manners as the series “friend” reacted to the snub with a tweet of her own.

“That was really f-cked up!” one person told Eboni of her action against Bershan. “Drop the manufactured unapologetically Black routine. It’s very offensive to genuinely unapologetically Black [women] like me who don’t crave being the only Black in the room like you.”

“You missed everything,” Eboni replied. “Watch the reunion.”

RHONY Eboni K. Williams Accused of Wanting to Be the Only Black Woman in the Room

A second fan called out Eboni for her supposed bad manners.

“Speaking about a party in front of someone you aren’t inviting? Not cool,” the person stated.

“Wait til the reunion,” Eboni wrote back.

RHONY Eboni K. Williams Responds to Criticism Over RHONY Behavior

A third RHONY viewer pointed out that Eboni seemed happy to leave Bershan out of her event and accused the show newbie of doing so in an effort to be accepted by the white women of the series.

“You let [Ramona Singer] call you out on tonight episode you talk about black empowerment but you couldn’t wait to exclude [Bershan] to your party to be so accepted by white woman,” the person alleged, also claiming Eboni was jealous about the camera-time Bershan was getting.

“You so jealous of [Bershan] getting too much airtime you didn’t invite her typical black woman behavior I see [you],” they added.

In response, Eboni told the Twitter user she was “wrong.”

RHONY Eboni K. Williams Slammed for Leaving Bershan Shaw Out of Event

Meanwhile, on Bershan’s Twitter account, she reacted to a fan who said they didn’t like “how Eboni is excluding [Bershan].”

“Thanks for the support,” Bershan replied.

RHONY Bershan Shaw Reacts to Eboni K. Williams Snub

Although many of Eboni’s tweets on Tuesday were in response to the negativity coming her way, she also re-tweeted a message from a fan, who applauded her for being open and vulnerable throughout RHONY season 13.

“I appreciate that Eboni has been so open and vulnerable this season. The other housewives could never share this much of their lives in one season hence why I stan [Eboni K. Williams] and her authenticity,” the re-tweet stated.

RHONY Eboni K. Williams Re-Tweets Post About Her Vulnerability

The Real Housewives of New York City season 13 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.