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Everything You Need To Know About Putting Castor Oil On Your Lashes



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Ready for a spooky lash story? During one week in high school, two of my best friends lost some eyelashes in two separate, surprising freak accidents. One of them had her lashes fried off while grilling outside— luckily unhurt but an upsetting turn of events. The other was camping at a music festival and awoke to find that someone had snuck into her tent, snipped off half her lashes with scissors, and left. In the wake of these events, I spent a significant amount of time researching how to help these friends navigate their losses. Faux lashes, eye conditioners, growth products like Latisse. But one unexpected recommendation was pure, simple castor oil.

Castor oil has been used for hair and on the skin for quite a while. It’s often included in beauty products, but I hadn’t heard that it could be applied to lashes. While my friends mourned their new eyelash-less life and patiently waited for regrowth, I’ve always pondered: Can castor oil really improve the look of lashes? Not one to take the Internet too seriously, I turned to Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Karan Lal, to figure out if castor oil works, is safe, and how to use it on lashes.

Does Castor Oil Really Work To Improve Lashes?

“Castor oil has not been scientifically shown to grow eyelash hair,” says Dr. Lal. However, just because the data isn’t in yet, it doesn’t mean castor oil doesn’t work. “Castor oil contains a fatty acid called ricinoleic acid, which has been shown to stimulate prostaglandin receptors that can lead to an increase in blood supply to hair follicles promoting hair growth,” Dr. Lal says. Products like Latisse, which significantly improve lash growth, are a prostaglandin analog, which might be why castor oil has received lash-improving credits. Whether the oil itself categorically enhances the length, “Castor oil, like many oils is rich in fatty acids and also moisturizes the hair. It likely adds shine and some optical improvement in eyelashes after use,” says Dr. Lal.

Is Castor Oil Safe To Use On Lashes?

Whenever you’re going to be putting something so close to your eyes, it’s always best to exercise caution. “Castor oil must be pure and organic if used,” recommends Dr. Lal. If it enters the eye, it can cause irritation or contact dermatitis on the eyelids, Dr. Lal notes. To test your sensitivity, apply a drop to your arm under a bandaid for a few hours to see if you are reactive to the oil.

Certified Organic Castor Oil

Kate Blanc Cosmetics


How Can You Use Castor Oil On Lashes?

To avoid any adverse reaction or irritation, Dr. Lal recommends applying castor oil to the lashline with a very thin paintbrush or a clean mascara wand. If you want to be extra safe, many lash conditioning products list castor oil as an ingredient in tandem with other ingredients, which have undergone extra testing to make sure they are eye-safe. Being consistent with lash products–whether they are from a beauty line or plain castor oil–is key to seeing results. Some lash lengthening products have been shown to darken the irises, says Dr. Lal, which is why, “for patients who want a natural, less risky eyelash serum, I do recommend castor oil.”

So there you have it. Whether a stranger has removed your lashes by force at a music festival or you simply want more a more luscious, flirty flutter, castor oil–either in a product or alone–might be your answer. And if any of the eyelash scientists are reading, do us a favor and get that report on castor oil written up and published. Some lash-less ladies need to know.

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These Beauty Brands Are The Best Of The Best—And You Can Buy Them On Amazon



Artem Varnitsin / EyeEmGetty Images

I’ve made my fair share of uh-oh buys on Amazon (see: that fantastic deal on a nightstand that ended up being doll furniture), but when it comes to finding top-notch, no-mistakes-here beauty purchases, it has the best of the best. Whether you’re trying to find the latest and greatest in haircare, a sustainable beauty brand that won’t do you wrong, or a new mascara for fluttery lashes, there’s an option on Amazon that will not let you down. But who has the time to scroll mindlessly for that long, only to end up with a shopping cart that’s full to the brim of “maybes”? I live to serve, so I compiled the best of the best, from tried-and-true products to a couple of hidden gems I’ll graciously share with you. Below, find the 10 best beauty brands on Amazon you need to know about.


What it is: Haircare for chemically and heat damaged hair

So you’ve damaged your hair, either by dousing it with bleach or by cranking up your flat iron to 450 degrees. What now? The answer is Olaplex. With a slew of beloved hair treatments and essential go-to’s, Olaplex repairs damage and will leave your hair feeling baby-soft and new again.


What it is: Go-to beauty staples for the beauty-obsessed

You’ve probably already swiped on a Maybelline mascara and fallen in love, but the entire line is made up of must-haves. Beloved by beauty professionals and everyday humans alike, Maybelline is the drugstore brand you should be shopping.


What it is: Skincare you can’t go wrong with

If you’re trying to get into skincare but don’t want to make a misstep, everything from Tula is ideal for beginners and experts alike. Whether you’re looking to cure some acne or give your face a sip of hydration, the entire line is easy to use.

Beauty Bakerie

What it is: Makeup for your inner chef

Beauty Bakerie created a line that’s inspired by sweets and bakeries and will give you the glam you’re seeking for the playful fashionista. Plus, all the names are adorable and fun.


What it is: Products to make your lips kissable.

If your lips are as dry and flakey as mine are, you’re in desperate need for Lanolips. Whether you opt for a traditional tube balm, or something tinted, or a gloss (oh, my!), they’re the brand you need if you’re hoping to get in a smooch this year.


What it is: Skincare essentials for aging skin

One of the most trusted skincare lines, Olay is the go-to for anyone who wants their fine lines to just go away already. But, even if you’re still a few years away from crow’s feet, their skincare is effective and luxurious for all skin types.


What it is: A one-stop-shop for everyday necessities

For your hair, body, and skin needs, Alaffia is the place to shop if you need some hydration and expert care. The company is built on the principles of giving back and sustainability so that you can feel good about every single purchase.


What it is: Makeup for the clean beauty enthusiast

If you’re trying to avoid harsh chemicals, ILIA is the clean beauty brand that combines ethical beauty with chic packaging. Not to mention, all the products apply beautifully and will increase your gorgeousness factor by at least 10%.

Shea Moisture

What it is: A curly girl’s dream collection

Curly girls know that Shea Moisture is the place to shop for products that will never let you down. From their protein treatments to curl creams, you know you’re in good hands when you buy from Shea Moisture.

Youth to the People

What it is: Holistic products for the skincare obsessed

Any skincare obsessor will tell you that this brand has it all: unique products, great morals, and an eye on sustainability that can’t be missed. From their moisturizers to their masks to their cleansers, you can’t go wrong with any product this brand creates.

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Prada, Burberry, and More Are Massively Discounted at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale



Christian VierigGetty Images

Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the season is in full swing. While the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale kicked off on July 16 for Nordy Club cardmembers, as of today the public officially has access to shop offers from brand-new arrivals from hundreds of brands. Whether you’re scouring the pages for home finds, summer styles, or prepare for a new fall wardrobe, now’s the time to take advantage before prices go back up on August 9.

With incredible styles hailing from top designer labels like Off-White, Isabel Marant, and Prada, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is packed with deals on designer duds. From your new favorite sunnies to Manolo Blahnik heels and luxe trench coats perfect for stepping back into the office, we curated the best of the best that’s worth your attention

Ahead, check out our curated picks boasting up to 70 percent off on luxury designers, and be sure to check out the full sale on Nordstrom to keep the shopping high going.


Slingback Pointy Toe Flat


iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case on a Chain



Mirror Swiss Leather Flap Bag


$1,275 $637.50 (50% off)


Check Woven Leather Bucket Hat


Bamboo Safari Tie Dye Pants

Stella McCartney


Double Layer Trench Coat

Junya Watanabe


Verda Crystal Buckle Slide Sandal

Manolo Blahnik


Luliette Western Boot

Isabel Marant


Magdeline High Waist Pleated Leather Pants


Oversize Tie Dye Leather Tote

Mansur Gavriel


Alexander Mcqueen 61mm Geometric Sunglasses

Alexander McQueen


Oversize Woven Blazer

Proenza Schouler


Women’s Molly Goddard Ruffle Peplum Cotton Top, Size 8 US – Pink

Molly Goddard


Lilum Floral Embellished Crochet Cardigan, Size Small – Green


Women’s Victoria Beckham Double Layer Silk Cami, Size 4 US – Black

Victoria Beckham


Golden Goose Leopard Seamless Adult Face Mask

Golden Goose

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10 Facts About U.S. Olympic Gymnast Jade Carey



Jade Carey, 21, is a 5’1″ Phoenix native competing at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. This week, Carey qualified for the Sunday, Aug. 1 floor exercise and vaulting. After Simone Biles withdrew from tomorrow’s individual all-around, it was announced that Carey would take her place in the competition, alongside Suni Lee.

Here is everything to know about the four-time medalist and her road to the Olympics.

Carey has committed to Oregon State University.

In 2017, Carey officially signed to Oregon State University but deferred enrollment to pursue the chance to win Olympic gold. She is expected to join the OSU Gymnastics team for the 2022 season. Carey told Inside Gymnastics Magazine that she has already begun taking classes. “I’m sad I won’t be able to be up in Oregon this year, but I’ve been in touch with the coaches a lot, and they’ve been great helping me set a new plan,” Carey told the outlet. “I’m going to start some classes so that I will have some classes done before I get there.”

Carey helped fellow gymnast Riley McCusker after she alleged misconduct by a former coach.

Riley McCusker is a fellow member of the U.S. national team who trained with gymnastic coach Maggie Haney at MG Elite in Marlboro, N.J. McCusker and another gymnast filed a lawsuit late last year against Haney, their former coach, alleging, as put it, that “screaming, body shaming, discouraging girls from getting their periods, and unsafe training conditions” led to serious injuries. Former Olympian Laurie Hernandez also testified against Haney.

With McCusker coach-less and unsure about her future in gymnastics, Carey invited her to come train with her in Arizona. In an interview with, McCusker said her new gym gave her a new lease on the sport. “I love gymnastics again. I am so happy in the gym every day, doing what I love. I’m really actually thankful that I got an extra year out here training in Arizona. I’m just so happy, and I love the sport. I think that’s the biggest difference,” she said.

Carey told Inside Gymnastics Magazine that she loves training with McCusker. “We really push each other to be better and help each other in every way we can. It’s nice to have a training partner that knows exactly what you’re going through,” she said.

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      The vault is Carey’s favorite event.

      Carey also revealed that vault is her favorite event, per PopSugar. In 2016, Carey had a skill named after her called “The Carey” in the Junior Olympic Code of Points, which is also referred to as “tucked Kasamatsu full.”

      Carey’s father is her gymnastics trainer.

      Carey and her father, Brian, are a gymnastic father and daughter duo. Since her parents owned a gym when she was growing up, Carey was around the sport from a young age.

      In September, Carey posted an Instagram tribute for her father’s birthday. She posted two photos of her and her father at a gymnastics meet. “Happy birthday, dad!! Thanks for being by my side every step of the way❤️❤️ I love you,” she captioned the post.

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      Carey’s mother is her ‘number one’ supporter.

      As she shined in her performance at the Olympics preliminary round in Tokyo, Carey’s mother, Danielle, supported her daughter thousands of miles away in Gilbert. In an interview with, Carey’s mother said, “I talked to Jade after the competition, and she said, ‘I guess today was a good day to have the best day ever!’ “

      She went on to say how proud she is of her daughter. “The whole experience has just been amazing! I am so proud of her and her accomplishments on this wonderful journey! I was so excited about her going out and hitting all four routines in the biggest competition of her life!!” she told the outlet. “I was even more proud of her character and the way she presented herself on the competition floor. The sacrifices she has made, her strong work ethic, her dedication to this difficult sport, and her perseverance are all the qualities that helped shape her into the athlete she is today!”

      Carey posted about her appreciation for her mother on Instagram. “To the best momma ever, thank you for being my #1 supporter and teaching me to always believe in myself❣️ happy birthday!! I love you,” she captioned the post.

      This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

      Carey showed an interest in gymnastics at a young age.

      On the “Today Show” earlier this month, Carey’s mother talked about how Jade’s passion for gymnastics started when she was a toddler. “I believe she was about four years old; her dad and I were watching TV, and all of a sudden, oop, there goes a cartwheel,” she explained. “We looked at each other, and I said, ‘Did you teach her that?’ and he said, ‘No, did you?’ and I said ‘no,’ and so I think we kind of knew at that point.”

      She will perform as an individual for the U.S. at the Olympics.

      The gymnast is a four-time world championship medalist.

      On July 25, Carey qualified for the Olympics women’s gymnastics floor exercise and vault finals. She earned the second-highest vault score of 15.166 and the third-highest score on floor. The vault finals will take place on Aug. 1 and the floor exercise is scheduled for Aug. 2.

      She is “besties” with U.S. Olympic teammate Grace McCallum.

      In October, Carey posted a sweet birthday tribute for her best friend and fellow gymnast, Grace McCallum. “Happy birthday to my bestie, roomie for life, and travel buddy!! I love you so much, grace💓💓 miss you,” Carey wrote as the caption.

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      Carey is a Gemini.

      Carey was born on May 27, 2000 to Brian Carey and Danielle Mitchell-Greenberg. She has three siblings: Alexis, Taeva, and Xandon. She was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and still resides there as she lives with her family.

      She does an intense ab workout.

      In an interview with PopSugar, Carey revealed the intense ab routine that prepared her for the Olympics. “It’s pretty quick, but it’s still pretty hard and a good workout,” the gymnast said. You can read the full workout over at PopSugar.

      Watch the Olympics on NBC

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