September 26, 2021


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How to Watch Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony Live Stream From Online

Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony Live

Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony Live

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Opening Ceremony, One of the most significant events globally, is scheduled to be organized in 2021. Yes, you guess it right! It’s the Olympics. The Summer Olympics is an international multi-sport event where athletes from all over the world represent their countries. The upcoming edition of the Tokyo Olympics is scheduled from 26th July to 8th August 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. This is the most followed event globally, but its opening ceremony is also one of the most-watched ceremonies in world events. Here we will be focusing mainly on the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 Opening Ceremony.

Event Tokyo Olympics 2021 Opening Ceremony
Hosts Tokyo Stadium, Japan.
Date 23th July 2021
Time 20:00 – 23:00 JST
Live Stream Watch Here

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Opening Ceremony Date, Time & Venue

Hosting the Summer Olympics is one of the most prestigious opportunities for any country. The Olympics puts the host country on the world map and allows the world to know its culture. The Opening Ceremony is one of the most decorated ceremonies in sports events. The ceremony witnessed many stylists and artists who showcase to the world their talent and culture. As the name suggests, the “Opening Ceremony” will make way for the Olympic games. The Olympic 2020 Opening Ceremony will occur on Friday evening, 24th July, at Olympic Stadium, Tokyo. The New National Stadium will serve as the main stadium for the Opening Ceremony.

Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony

List of Celebrities Performing at Summer Olympics 2021 Opening Ceremony

As is seen with every Olympics, the Tokyo Olympics 2021 opening ceremony in Japan will be a star-filled spectacle. A noticeable number of Japanese singers and performers are ready to entertain and excite the viewers who are tuned in to watch the spectacular event.

Here is the complete list of celebrities performing at the Olympics opening ceremony in Japan:

  1. Little Glee Monster – The Little Glee Monster is one of Japan’s most famous pop girl groups. Singers Asahi Kobayashi, Serina Hasegawa, Manaka Fukumoto, Karen Koga and Mayu Yoshida formed the famous Little Glee Monster in 2013.
  2. Ayaka Hirahara –Ayaka Hirahara is another popular pop music artist from Japan. She is renowned for her trendy tracks and currently performs for Universal Music of Japan.
  3. Joe Hisaishi –Real name Mamoru Fujisawa, Joe Hisaishi is an extraordinarily talented and famous music director and composer. Joe Hisaishi is most renowned for his epic piano scores and has showcased his skills with some of the most memorable soundtracks for over 100 movies and solo albums since 1981.
  4. Ikusaburo Yamazaki –Ikusaburo Yamazaki is one of Japan’s youngest and most talented actors and music artists.
  5. Taro Hakase –Taro Hakase is a legendary music artist highly renowned for his skills with the violin and his talents as an excellent music composer.
  6. BoA –BoA, short for Kwon Bo-ah, is a trendy and talented artist from Korea. BoA is an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress and professional record producer who is immensely famous in Korea and Japan as “Queen of K-pop”. BoA is one of the most recognized and successful Korean entertainers today.
  7. Scott Darlow –Artist Scott Darlow is a famous singer, songwriter and guitarist who is also a skilled didgeridoo player and a renowned public speaker from Australia.

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How to Watch Tokyo 2021 Olympics Opening Ceremony Live Stream

There is an extensive list of TV channels that will be broadcasting the entire Olympics, including the Olympics opening ceremony live to TV audiences worldwide. The 2021 Japan Summer Olympics will be fed to local network channels by the Olympic Broadcasting Services, who will then relay the live telecast to their audiences in the different parts of the globe.

Here’s how to watch the 2021 Olympics opening ceremony live stream on your TV sets, according to your country or region:

United States

NBC Universal is the live TV broadcast for the 2021 Summer Olympics in the United States of America if you subscribe to NBC Sports or other NBC Universal channels, such as Telemundo, the Spanish-language sports channel and other similar channels.


The Japan Consortium collaborates with official Japanese public broadcasters NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.) and select commercial TV and radio networks from the country. Subscribers to the Japan Consortium channels and networks have been watching the Olympics live on their TV sets since 1984. If you subscribe to any channel or network associated with the Japan Consortium, then you can catch the 2021 Olympics opening ceremony live on your TV set.


The Seven Network, the most popular Free-To-Air commercial TV network from Down Under, will be broadcasting the Olympic 2021 opening ceremony live to their subscribers across Australia. If you subscribe to Seven Network, you can catch the live TV broadcast of the 2021 Olympic opening ceremony and all events and games scheduled for the 2021 Summer Olympics.


Sony Pictures Networks India, the Indian subsidiary of the Japanese Sony Corporation, has won the TV broadcasting rights to the 2021 Summer Olympics across the Indian subcontinent. If you are a fan of the Olympics and wish to start your Olympics experience with the thrilling opening ceremony, make sure you are subscribed to Sony Network and watch the 2021 Olympics opening ceremony live on your TV.

United Kingdom

The BBC and Eurosport networks are the right owners for broadcasting the entire 2021 Summer Olympics from Japan to their audiences in the UK. If you want to watch the exciting initial event, then make sure to subscribe to either BBC or Eurosport, and you can experience the exciting 2021 Olympics opening ceremony live on your television sets.


Discovery Communications, the New York-based mass media company, will be airing the 2021 Summer Olympics to a vast audience across Europe (except for France and Russia). Discovery is set to sub-let the TV broadcast rights to local and regional TV networks in individual countries. Hence, make sure to subscribe to your region’s most popular sports channel and watch the 2021 Olympics opening ceremony live on your television.


How to Watch Tokyo Olympics 2021 Opening Ceremony Live Stream Online

Currently, cord-cutting has become more than a trend. The choice to watch your favourite media and content on your internet devices is more about efficiency and ease. Hence, there is a marked increase in the number of people choosing to watch global and local sporting events by live streaming online on their smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers.

Thankfully, there are many choices when it comes to subscribing to an online media streaming service provider. Here is a list of the top ways to watch the Olympics opening ceremony live stream online:

Hulu TV

Hulu TV is an on-demand media service that provides its subscribers with online streaming access to popular TV shows within the US and Japan. Apart from airing the latest and most popular TV shows, Hulu TV also broadcasts numerous sporting events, including the Olympics.

If you reside in the US or Japan and wish to catch the exciting 2021 Olympics opening ceremony live stream online, then get your subscription to Hulu TV now with as low as $6 per month subscription plans.


FuboTV is renowned as the top sports-centric online streaming service provider. It is the only one with more sports channels than any other content streaming service in the US. FuboTV is an excellent alternative to watching your favourite sports on expensive cable TV and also offers an incredibly wider variety of choices in comparison.

If you want to watch the 2021 Olympic opening ceremony live stream on your TV sets, get the essential FuboTV subscription for only $55 per month and get access to 90 different channels.

Sling TV

Sling TV is another excellent alternative instead of the costly cable TV to watch your favourite TV shows, movies and even popular global sporting events in the most affordable manner. This popular content streaming service offers a bundle of popular sports channel broadcasts, so you never miss out on the action for your favourite sports.

If you are an eager fan and would like to watch the 2021 Olympics opening ceremony live stream on your TV sets, then buy the Sling TV subscription for only $25 per month.


SonyLIV is the video-on-demand content streaming service provided by the globally famous Sony Network Corporation. The online streaming service is top-rated across over 165 countries around the world, with as many as 700 million viewers in India alone.

If you are an avid Olympics Games fan and want to catch the 2021 Olympics opening ceremony live stream on your TV, then get the most affordable subscription plan at only $6.96 for a year.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is an excellent live streaming service offered by the globally popular online video content giant. YouTube TV offers 70+ channels to its subscribers, with numerous sports channels from across the world.

If you want to watch the spectacular 2021 Olympics opening ceremony live streaming on your TV sets, it is highly advised to get a YouTube TV subscription for only $49.99 per month.

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How To Watch Summer Olympics 2021 Opening Ceremony Live Stream Online From Anywhere

If you are in a region with no official broadcaster to the Tokyo Olympics 2021, you are not exactly out for the count. You can overcome geo-restrictions for good by using a VPN, but not just any VPN will do. You will need a reliable one that ensures you do not get compromised while accessing the content in other regions.

How a VPN works? It assigns a new IP address, thus masking your current IP address. Since your original IP address is hidden, hackers, cybercriminals, third parties, and even your ISP will not know what you are upto. This kind of anonymity is vital to ensure you do not get into trouble. Most importantly, you will not have to worry about your private and confidential information are compromised from doing something as trivial as streaming the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

WATCH Tokyo 2021 Opening Ceremony With VPN

So if you want to access the Olympics live stream online, you will need to get a VPN and follow these instructions to the word:

  1. Get a reliable VPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device.
  3. Connect to the server for the region where Tokyo Olympics 2021 is accessible.
  4. Enjoy streaming without fearing for your safety and security online!

Once your VPN is up and running, you will need to connect to any one of the regions mentioned above, where the Tokyo Olympics 2021 is accessible. Once that is taken care of, you can choose a broadcaster, paid, or otherwise, that is totally up to you. But since it is accessible on BBC iPlayer, why not connect to a UK VPN server to catch every Olympic event as it happens?

Here are some of the top ways to watch the 2021 Olympics opening ceremony live using VPN:


ExpressVPN ranks top among the best VPN tools in the market today. ExpressVPN is easy to operate and supports all popular internet-enabled devices, including Android and iOS smartphones/tablets, laptops, desktops and even internet routers. Users get access to over 3,000 servers located in 94 countries all over the world.

If you want to watch the 2021 Olympics opening ceremony live using VPN safely, then get your subscription to ExpressVPN now at only $12.95 per month.


NordVPN is another excellent choice to watch your favourite online content through live stream online on your internet devices. NordVPN allows its users to access any of its 4,600 servers located strategically in 46 countries spread out all over the globe for efficient Torrent, an online streaming service, and effectively bypassing any geo-restrictions on content. Using NordVPN, you can use your Android or iOS smartphone and tablet, Windows, Mac and Linux laptops and desktops to watch your favourite content online safely.

If you wish to watch the thrilling 20211 Olympics opening ceremony live stream using a VPN, then you should get the NordVPN subscription at only $11.95 per month.


PureVPN is yet another excellent alternative to watching your favourite movies, TV shows and sporting events with fast and safe online streaming. The VPN is renowned for its expansive server network of over 2,000 servers, placed in diverse locations in every habited continent across the globe. PureVPN is compatible with all trending internet devices, including those running on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

If you are eager to watch the exciting 2021 Olympics opening ceremony live stream using a VPN, then we highly recommend buying a PureVPN subscription at only $3.33 per month.