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Lori Harvey Seemingly Responds To Future’s “Tell Steve Harvey I Don’t Want Her” Lyric: “I Just Try To Stay Up Here & Take The High Road In Every Situation” – The Shade Room



Whew! While Future and LoriHarvey are both in new relationships, it seems as though Pluto hasn’t completely let go of what they had. For the past few months, Future has been showing off his new lady, Dess Dior, but he still found time to seemingly shade Lori on a track with 42 Dugg.

Just a few weeks back, 42 Dugg leaked the track in which Future mentioned Lori’s step dad Steve Harvey. Lori’s name immediately began to trend but she did not respond to the petty line, which is very on brand for her. While speaking with Bustle recently, Lori finally said her piece, but managed not to mention Future at all.

“I think they get from me that I try to just not let any type of negativity or rumors or anything like that make me stoop down to that level and go back and forth with it or whatever,” she said regarding her fans. “Just maintain my position of I know who I am, I know what’s going.”

Lori is used to being in the hot seat online, as people often debate about her dating history and criticize her choice of men. Through all of the gossip, she’s managed to keep calm and continue living her life without responding to people on the internet.

“I just try to stay up here and take the high road in every situation. So I think that would probably be what they get from me, because I am private, so I like to just give enough,” she continued.

Prior to Future dropping the petty line, the conversation surrounding Lori Harvey was centered around her new relationship with the world’s sexiest man, Michael ‘Bae’ Jordan, which she said has been tough to keep on the low.

“I think we’re both very private people naturally,” Lori told Bustle. “So we just decide, if we take a picture or whatever it is, do we want to post this? Do we not? We have a conversation about it, like ‘You want to post this or we keep this to ourselves?’ We know there are people that love and support us and want to see us,” she said. “So [we want to] give just enough, but keep the majority of it just for us. We’re trying to find a balance.”

We haven’t heard much of Future since the song dropped, so hopefully he’s enjoying his new relationship just as much as Lori is enjoying hers!

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Frontier Airlines Suspends Flight Attendants For Duct Taping Passenger Who Allegedly Assaulted Them – The Shade Room



Whew, talk about flying the unfriendly skies! With all the drama surrounding travel right now, it doesn’t seem like things are getting better after a Frontier Airlines flight crew was temporarily relieved of duty for duct taping an unruly passenger.

The passenger in question is accused of inappropriately touching two flight attendants and assaulting another during a recent flight from Philly to Miami.

The airline told TMZ that the passenger “needed to be restrained” until the flight landed and police arrived.

Despite the guy’s wild actions, members of that flight crew were suspended as their bosses reportedly felt they may have crossed a line by duct taping the man.

In the video, you see the young guy going off on passengers, yelling at them saying that his parents are worth $2 million among other ramblings.

He’s also seen cussing out the flight attendants who were trying to get him to calm down.

Eventually, the dude throws hands with a male flight attendant and was then restrained to a seat with a ton of duct tape as the rest of the passengers watched and cheered in relief.

The man was later identified as Max Berry. The whole incident began when Berry exited the airplane bathroom shirtless after he allegedly spilled a drink on himself. As some attendants helped him get a new shirt from his bag, he allegedly groped some female flight attendants’ breasts, which was right before the camera started filming him.

When the plane landed, Berry was arrested and booked on several charges.

Frontier says it’s working with law enforcement to prosecute the passenger, and the airline says the crew members’ paid leave is in line with their policies as it investigates the incident.

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John Corbett & Bo Derek Are Married: ‘Sex & The City’ Star Reveals Ring & Secret Wedding



John Corbett just dropped breaking news about his romance with Bo Derek!

Congratulations are in order for John Corbett, 60, and actress Bo Derek, 64. The Sex and the City star, who may be reprising his role in the show’s HBO Max revival series, appeared on the Aug. 3 episode of The Talk and told his buddy, Jerry O’Connell, that he and Bo secretly “got married” around Christmas.

“Jerry, I can’t believe that I forgot to tell you that around Christmas time we got married. Bo and I got married!”, John said. And as you can see in the video below, Jerry O’Connell was shook. “I noticed your ring and I was gonna say something but not on live television, but wow, congratulations!” he said.

John then added, “You know, we’re pretty private people. We didn’t make an announcement. All our friends and family knew but, this is the first time either one of us has said anything publicly about it because really we haven’t had an opportunity. So, you’re my buddy, and now I guess I’m telling all of America or the world. After 20 years, we decided to get married. We didn’t want 2020 to be that thing that everybody looks back at and hated…let’s get one nice this out of it.”

John Corbett and Bo Derek at the WildAid Gala in LA on Nov. 9, 2019. (David Buchan/Shutterstock)

Jerry then joked: “I can’t wait to have our bachelor party!”

Bo is best known for her breakout role in the film 10, and playing Jane Parker in the 1981 film, Tarzan, the Ape Man, while her famous boyfriend is best known as Aiden Shaw to fans, who remember him from the original HBO series Sex and the City, as well as the 2010 film, Sex and the City 2. Bo and John have been dating since 2002, and they first met after being set up on a blind date. So romantic, right?

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson explains why he doesn’t have ‘perfect abs’



The bulked-up Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock, is an incredibly fit guy. He even wrestled in the WWE before taking on action roles, such as Frank Wolff, his character in his latest movie, Jungle Cruise.

But, apparently, his abs give some people pause. In a new video for Wired, he and co-star Emily Blunt addressed some of the topics most often Googled about them. For Johnson, that meant responding to “what’s wrong with the rock’s abs.” (Find that part of the conversation at 8:12 in the video abovr.)

While both Johnson and Blunt seemed surprised to see the question — they agreed it was “f***ed up” — Johnson had a very specific answer.

“I think because on Instagram,” he said, “all these Instagram fitness models have these incredible six-, eight-, 12-, 24-pack stomachs.” By comparison, he added, he’s “a five-and-a-half pack, sometimes a four-and-a-half-pack.”

The culprit is his wrestling past.

“But the problem was, which a lot of people don’t know [is that] I tore in a wrestling match,” he said. “I tore the top of my quad off my pelvis… and what that did, it caused a chain reaction and it tore my abdomen wall. So then… I had to do a triple hernia emergency surgery. I had a tear, tear and a tear. So, they’re not like perfect abs!”

Blunt joked, “You know what, it’s not his fault, guys… what’s wrong with your abs? Where are your abs, you know?”

Then Johnson noted exactly what went down: “It’s called a wrestling match for 45 minutes, and the top of my quad popped out of my pelvis. And my abductor popped off my pelvis.”

As Bleacher Report noted in April 2013, the injury occurred during a match with John Cena at WrestleMania 29. 

Even though he’s not fighting anymore, Johnson has continued to hit the gym hard.

On Monday, he showed that he’s sharing his love of sports, too, with his middle daughter, 5-year-old Jasmine, who’s known as Jazzy.

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