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The latest hearing in the case between Virginia Giuffre and Prince Andrew was a “horrible day” for the duke, legal and royal experts have said.

The judge overseeing Prince Andrew’s bid to dismiss a lawsuit from Virginia Giuffre promised to hand down a ruling “pretty soon” after a heated hearing on Tuesday.

Mitchell Epner, a US former federal prosecutor said the case would not be dismissed following the court hearing led by Judge Lewis Kaplan and insisted that the Duke must settle, default or go to court.

BBC’s royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said the Duke is in a “difficult situation.”

Lisa Bloom, a US trial lawyer who formerly advised disgraced sex offender, Harvey Weinstein said the hearing was looking “very good” for Ms Giuffre’s case.

“Andrew wants her [Ms Giuffre] case thrown out on technical grounds. Judge Kaplan aggressively questioned defense on this and appeared unwilling to do it. I’m optimistic that Virginia will get her day in court,” Ms Bloom wrote on Twitter.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Prince Andrew’s lawyers argued the 2009 agreement signed by Epstein and Ms Giuffre protects the Duke of York and should be grounds for dismissing her current suit against him.


Prince Andrew’s Newsnight interview was ‘jaw-dropping’, says presenter Emily Maitlis

BBC journalist Emily Maitlis has given a behind-the-scenes account of what she called a “jaw-dropping” interview she conducted with Prince Andrew in 2019.

It comes as a New York judge decides whether to allow Virginia Giuffre, the trafficking victim of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, to pursue her civil case against the Duke of York.

In a BBC article published on Tuesday evening, the Newsnight presenter detailed how the prince told her in advance about some of the claims in the 2019 interview – including the moment he said he was unable to sweat.

The Independent’s Laurie Churchman has the story.

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ICYMI: Epstein’s island: What really happened there?

The guests came from across the world, and from the highest ranks of society: celebrities and scientists and royalty such as Prince Andrew, touching down in a private jet and then boarding a helicopter to the island. Its owner liked to call it “Little St Jeff”; locals called it “paedophile island”.

But what is the truth about Little St James, the 75-acre private paradise in the US Virgin Islands that billionaire sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein once called home?

The Independent’s Io Dodds has the story.

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ICYMI: Prince Andrew accuser’s settlement deal with Epstein made public head of royal’s court hearing

Details of a settlement between Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Giuffre that Prince Andrew’s lawyers believe will stop him facing a sex abuse lawsuit have been made public on the eve of a pivotal court hearing in the case against the royal.

A 2009 legal document unsealed by a New York court on Monday revealed Ms Giuffre was paid $500,000 (£370,000) to settle her claims against the late paedophile financier, a former friend of the Duke of York.

The 12-page deal shows Ms Giuffre agreed to “release, acquit, satisfy, and forever discharge” Epstein and “any other person or entity who could have been included as a potential defendant”.

Read the full story here.

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ICYMI: Why was Virginia Giuffre not called to testify at Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial?

Virginia Giuffre’s name was mentioned more than 200 times during Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial.

But despite her being one of Maxwell’s most vocal and visible accusers, she was not called to testify.

The Independent’s Oliver O’Connell explores the reasons why prosecutors didn’t call Ms Giuffre to give evidence.

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What can be done about the Queen’s turbulent second son, the Duke of York?

Such is the nature of the hereditary principle that, sometimes, less than ideal personalities pop up in the line of royal succession or elsewhere as prominent members of the family; people whose sense of judgement can be problematic, to put it mildly, and cause trouble.

Such is human nature, indeed, that not everyone who happens to be born into the House of Windsor is as cautious and dutiful as, say, the Queen – genetics has its limits. What, then, can be done with and about her turbulent second son, the Duke of York?

Read The Independent’s editorial here.

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BBC’s Emily Maitlis revisits her car-crash 2019 interview with Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew asked BBC Newsnight host Emily Maitlis ahead of his infamous 2019 interview whether the public would be interested in hearing that he was “unable to sweat”.

Writing for the BBC, Ms Maitlis revealed that she met the duke days before the Newsnight interview at his Buckingham Palace office to discuss what he intended to say.

“It was Prince Andrew who volunteered the information to me in that early meeting that he was ‘unable to sweat’,” Ms Maitlis said.

“His Falkland Islands wartime experiences, he claimed, had produced a glut of adrenalin that meant he hadn’t been able to sweat properly since being shot at.

“I remember him asking me very directly if we thought that would be interesting to hear. And I said yes – I was fascinated by adrenalin – and that we wanted to hear as much detail of his account as we could.”

At the time of the interview in November 2019, the “specifics seemed almost comical”.

“They spawned memes and riffs, quiz-show questions and stand-up routines. But now, suddenly, they feel deadly serious,” Ms Maitlis wrote.

Ms Maitlis says the point of the interview was not to embarrass Prince Andrew, but to allow him to tell his side of the story.

“He wanted to set his own record straight. He offered minutiae and anecdote, detail and description, and we were ready to hear it all.”

A New York judge is considering whether Virginia Giuffre’s sexual assault lawsuit should be allowed to proceed.

Prince Andrew is interviewed by Emily Maitlis for Newsnight in 2019


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What were Prince Andrew’s ties to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein?

Prince Andrew’s presence in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial was most keenly felt in a photograph he didn’t appear in.

Government exhibit GX-347 showed a picture of Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein on a porch bench in the grounds of the Queen’s Balmoral estate in the Scottish Highlands.

The photo was taken on a trip the pair took to the royal manor in 1999 as the guest of Prince Andrew.

It was among 19 images released to the jury of Epstein and Maxwell in exotic locations appearing to be very much in love that were found on CDs taken from a 2019 FBI raid on Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse.

The Independent’s Bevan Hurley her more.

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Prince Andrew could have avoided Virginia Giuffre sexual assault lawsuit with apology

Prince Andrew could have avoided being sued for sexual assault by Virginia Giuffre if he had apologised for his actions, sources tell the New York Post.

“Virginia has always just wanted the prince to acknowledge that he did something he shouldn’t have, she wants him to apologise,” a source with knowledge of Ms Giuffre’s thoughts told the paper.

“She has never made this all about money.”

Prince Andrew’s attorney Andrew Brettler argued that the civil lawsuit should be thrown out during oral arguments before Judge Lewis Kaplan on Tuesday.

His claims that a $500,000 settlement deal signed in 2009 between Ms Giuffre and Jeffrey Epstein should absolve Andrew of liability appeared to flounder under intense questioning from Judge Kaplan.

The judge has promised to release a decision “soon”.

Ms Giuffre has accused the royal of sexual assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Andrew has denied any wrongdoing.

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‘Virginia will get her day in court’

Lisa Bloom, a US lawyer who has represented eight of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, said after Tuesday’s hearing the prospects were looking “very good” for Virginia Giuffre’s case.

“Andrew wants her case thrown out on technical grounds. Judge Kaplan aggressively questioned defense on this and appeared unwilling to do it. I’m optimistic that Virginia will get her day in court,” Ms Bloom wrote on Twitter after the hearing.

Ms Bloom also added that she was “shocked” that the prince’s legal team tried to have the case thrown out by claiming a New York law giving child sexual abuse victims more time to sue was unconstitutional.

“Does the Queen know what her son is attempting to do?”

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Voices | The royal family will survive – regardless of what happens to Prince Andrew

Even in Victorian times, there was royal scandal and gossip; and much, much more since, and yet the institution has survived its exposure to ridicule and generally being poked about by an impertinent press and sometimes scandalised public, writes Sean O’Grady.

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