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RHOD’s Tiffany Moon on Where She Stands With Brandi, Plus Gift Tiffany Sent Brandi After Welcoming Baby



Dr. Tiffany Moon reflects on the season five drama with Brandi Redmond, dishes on where they stand today, and reveals how Brandi reacted to the baby gift she sent.

Tiffany joined the Real Housewives of Dallas ahead of season five, which happened to be around the time Brandi was making headlines due to a leaked racially-charged Instagram Stories clip that was initially filmed in 2017. In the clip, Brandi was seen mocking Asian people and suggesting she has “squinty eyes,” which she later apologized for before checking herself into a wellness facility.

As fans know, Tiffany spoke with Brandi about her insensitive behavior in the first episode of the season, and the respected anesthesiologist recently reflected on that conversation during an interview with E! News.

“The first time Brandi and I ever started hanging out together, I tried to talk to her about my immigrating to America and how I saw her video that she had posted way back,” she recalled. “I told her that that was in poor taste and the reason she probably received so much backlash from it was it was hurtful to a lot of people because it reminded them of their childhood traumas dealing with racism and micro-aggressions.”

Tiffany continued, “And she was like, ‘Oh my god, that is not what I meant when I posted that video. I was trying to be funny but I see know that you’re talking to me and telling me about your story how that could be hurtful.’ And she was like, ‘I’m so, so sorry. Like I just want to tell everyone sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. That is not how I meant it.’ And I was like, ‘Girl, I believe you. I totally believe you.’ Let’s move on, let’s be silly, let’s have fun.”

Though it seemed like the two had agreed to put Brandi’s video in the past, the former cheerleader later told Tiffany that she felt uncomfortable around her, which Tiffany also addressed in the interview.

“And then later I think we hit our crescendo in Austin when she sort of let me know that she still didn’t feel comfortable around me and she was walking on eggshells or whatever she said in that episode,” the mother-of-two shared. “And I was like, ‘What the heck?! I thought that I already told you that it was a non-issue and I thought that we had moved past that. And obviously you haven’t because you’re still projecting some of your guilt from that on to me when I don’t deserve that because I’ve done nothing but tell you that’s it’s fine. We forgive you. Let’s move on.”

Brandi later apologized for “projecting [her] feelings” on Tiffany during their cast trip to Austin. That’s when Tiffany says everything changed, and they began to have a ton of fun together.

“After that it was good and we had a lot of fun after that,” she revealed. “That’s what I mean by the roller coaster, we were up and we were down and we were up and we were down. But actually now, right now, as of today, from my side I’m in a good place with Brandi. I don’t think anything bad of her.”

Tiffany is seemingly hoping for a genuine friendship with her co-star as she even sent a very thoughtful baby gift to Brandi following the birth of her fourth child, Brilynn Mari.

“She just had a beautiful baby girl not too long ago. I sent over a basket of gifts for her baby and a nice, pink little Hermes blanket and told her, ‘You know, you’ve been through so much this season, I just hope you and I can be in a good place right now,’” Tiffany shared. “And she responded back and said, ‘Thank you so much for the baby gift. I’m going to get it embroidered with her name and everything.’

“So I think that we’re in a good place,” she continued. “But I’ve thought wrong before about where I stood with the ladies and found out subsequently that they didn’t feel the same way. But I will go on the record and say that I have nothing against Brandi right now and I think that we could have a good friendship moving forward.”

Real Housewives of Dallas Live Viewing – This is also the live viewing thread for part one of the Real Housewives of Dallas season five reunion, which airs Tuesday, May 4, at 10:30/9:30c. As the episode airs, feel free to share your thoughts in the chat below.

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Receptionist Excluded From Pizza Order At Work Sued And Won $32,000 In Court – The Shade Room



TSR Cut The Foolery: Sometimes it pays to be petty, $32,000 to be exact for a car dealership receptionist who was feeling a way when she apparently got left out during the office pizza order.

A court recently described Malgorzata Lewicka’s experience as a “campaign of victimization,” and that she had been deliberately excluded from “Pizza Fridays” at the car dealership she worked at before being laid off in January of 2019, Newsweek reports.

Managers at Hartwell, a Ford car dealership in Watford, U.K., would ask their staff which takeaway food they would like to order every month, but Lewicka told the court that she was not asked what she would like to eat.

Sis explained that “other employees were asked but she was not asked if she wanted to order food or participate.” Lewicka added that this occurred after she had accused one of the staff members of sexual discrimination back in March of 2018.

Her colleague was investigated following the complaint and Hartwell found that gross misconduct had been committed. The colleague was issued a written final warning.

That wasn’t the only issue Lewicka had with her former employer. She also complained about her working hours and pay.

After speaking out, Lewicka says she was left out of the office festivities including the company-wide lunch, which took place on the last Friday of every month.

Hartwell claimed that Lewicka was not invited to the lunches because she was a part-time worker, finishing daily at 1 p.m., but the court ruled that this was not a reasonable excuse.

Judge Jennifer Bartlett said: “We accept that the lunches may have been ad hoc and they were informal. However (Lewicka) gave clear evidence that at Hemel a manager went around the site taking lunch orders and that she was included. However when she moved to Watford she was not asked if she wanted to order or participate whereas other colleagues were…She could have been asked if she wanted to join in.”

The judges added: “We find that her exclusion was victimization which continued until around the time of her dismissal.”

It’s bigger than the pizza though, y’all. The court also heard testimony that some of Lewicka’s colleagues would not speak to her and hang up the phone if she picked up their call.

The judge ruled that she received less favorable treatment as a part-time employee because she is a single mother, and this amounted to sexual discrimination.

Lewicka was awarded the £23,079 ($32,078.31) for loss of earnings and injury to her feelings.

We can all benefit from being kinder, and if you’re not, Ms. Lewicka just taught us it might cost ya!

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Jill Biden Shows Support For Melania Trump After Posting A Photo Of Her Rose Garden – See Pic



First Lady Jill Biden took to Twitter to show off a gorgeous pic of the White House’s Rose Garden that Melania Trump controversially renovated last summer.

Jill Biden, 69, is appreciating the renovated Rose Garden that Melania Trump, 51, left behind after leaving the White House earlier this year. The First Lady shared a new pic of the flower-filled area to her Twitter page on May 7 and added an exciting caption to it. “Spring is here at the @WhiteHouse!” the caption read.

Although she didn’t mention Melania directly, the tweet could be seen as a sign of support for the wife of former President Donald Trump, 74. After she renovated the garden in Aug. 2020, it received a lot of controversy from critics. Private donations were used to return the garden back to its roots and honor the original design by Bunny Mellon, which President John Kennedy requested in 1962, but people spoke out against the results once they noticed Melania got rid of the crabapple trees that were originally put there during Kennedy’s time at the White House.

Some online users also complained that Melania’s chosen flowers were too pale compared to the brightly colored ones that were there during the Obama administration and an online petition on even garnered more than 75,000 signatures to try and get the Biden administration to undo her changes. Former first lady Jackie Kennedy was the one to originally restore the garden in the early 1960s after years of neglect and the description of the petition states that the late political figure’s “legacy was ripped away” when Melania renovated the garden. At the time of the changes, the White House responded and explained that the flowers just needed time to grow before they would eventually flourish.

First Lady Jill Biden recently showed support for Melania Trump’s renovated Rose Garden by posting a pic of it. (Shutterstock)

After Jill shared her latest photo of the Melania-approved Rose Garden, some followers brought up the ongoing controversy and asked her to change it back to the way it was prior to Melania’s changes. “Sadly scarred by concrete and the loss of beautiful trees. Please restore our Rose Garden,” one follower wrote while another urged her to “take out the wretched cement and return the rose garden to its former glory!” A third pleaded, “Please replace the beautiful rose garden & crabapple trees that were horrendously & callously destroyed. Return it to the beauty it once was.”

Despite the command for changes, there’s no confirmation that the Rose Garden will undergo any renovations anytime soon. The South Lawn of the White House, however, is currently undergoing a massive renovation which is reportedly part of a security and infrastructure upgrade.

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