Sarah Jessica Parker 'heartbroken' over allegations of sexual assault against Chris Noth; Report


In light of the mounting allegations of sexual assault against actor Chris Noth, his Sex and the City co-star Sarah Jessica Parker is reportedly ‘livid’ about what the charges would do to the show’s cast and staff. According to Us Weekly, a person close to the 56-year-old actress says she is “heartbroken” over the claims and believes “she has let everyone down.”

“She is fiercely protective of Carrie Bradshaw and livid that she and everyone else at the show has been put into this position,” the insider said as per US Weekly. “It is not about the money, but rather her legacy. Carrie was all about helping women and now, under her watch, women are saying that they have been hurt.” Noth recently played Mr. Big in the HBO Max remake, And Just Like That, reprising his SATC role. His shocking death in the first episode laid the groundwork for Carrie’s entire plot in the limited series.

However, according to the insider, SJP now “feels like there’s been two deaths” as a result of the allegations. Meanwhile, as per Daily Mail, according to the initial allegation, both accusers claim that Noth had intercourse with them, with the first alleged incident taking place in 2004, and the second allegedly taking place in 2015, three years after Noth married his wife, Tara Wilson, with whom he has two children. Noth has adamantly rejected all sexual assault charges, although he has confessed to having ‘consensual encounters’ with both of his victims.

In addition to two more women accusing him of sexual assault, Zoe Lister-Jones alleged on the set of Law and Order that the actor was inappropriate with her. A previous SATC stand-in described his behaviour while on the show as “disgusting.”

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