So You Have a Post-Pandemic Date—Here’s What to Wear



For the first time in what seemed like forever, one of my friends announced that she was about to go on her first post-pandemic date. Of course, a flurry of outfit suggestions ensued over group text, but it felt good to talk IRL about outfits that, for once, didn’t include a pair of sweatpants. In the gradual progression toward pre-lockdown life, I’m sure you, too, are starting to think about your social calendar. If a date is one of the events included in your plans, I have just the perfect looks for you.

Even if you’re a veteran of the dating scene, there’s always the conundrum about how fancy your outfit should be: Are jeans too casual? Will heels make me look overdressed? To make matters even more complicated, there’s definitely added pressure when it comes to a first date. You’re meeting someone you vaguely know (or probably never met if you use dating apps), so which outfit sets the right impression yet won’t be overly fussy? To cover all of your date-night sartorial needs, I scoured the internet to find the best outfit inspiration and the pieces to re-create them. From a first post-pandemic date to a casual daytime outing and everything in between, you’ll never be clueless about what to wear again. Consider this your ultimate date-night fashion guide—you can thank me later.

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