Who’s facing more heat on Monday night: Kliff Kingsbury or Matthew Stafford?

The Heat is uh uh uh uh ON!Illustration: Getty Images If the Cardinals had beaten the Lions, Arizona would be NFC West champs right now. Let me repeat that…IF THE CARDS HAD BEATEN THE 1-11-1 LIONS, THEY WOULD BE NFC WEST CHAMPS! If the Cards had beaten the Panthers (albeit they would’ve had to do … Read more

Give Justin Jefferson his flowers (and a QB) you cowards!

Justin Jefferson has been electric his first two seasons in the NFL.Illustration: Getty Images Lost in Minnesota trying to kick their fans in the junk again Thursday night like they have so many times this season — or last — was the performance of Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson. His stats — 79 yards, sevens … Read more

If the NFL has seemed a little wacky and unpredictable this season, that’s because it has been wacky and unpredictable

Josh Allen looking at Daryl Williams the way the rest of us are looking at this NFL season.Image: Getty Images It’s not just you, it’s true. The 2021 NFL season has been highly unusual. Week 11 was the latest example, with the best teams in each conference losing to opponents that entered the week with … Read more