Who’s facing more heat on Monday night: Kliff Kingsbury or Matthew Stafford?

The Heat is uh uh uh uh ON!Illustration: Getty Images If the Cardinals had beaten the Lions, Arizona would be NFC West champs right now. Let me repeat that…IF THE CARDS HAD BEATEN THE 1-11-1 LIONS, THEY WOULD BE NFC WEST CHAMPS! If the Cards had beaten the Panthers (albeit they would’ve had to do … Read more

These pretzels are headed for your face if you anger Matt Stafford’s wife

We meet AGAIN, Kelly Stafford.Image: AP Don’t make Kelly Stafford angry. If you do then you might find a salted, carb-loaded treat coming your way. A person who attended Monday night’s Los Angeles Rams-San Francisco 49ers matchup at Levi Stadium told TMZ that Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford’s wife threw a soft pretzel at a fan. … Read more