Mali’s junta seeks review of ‘unbalanced’ defence deal with France

Amid heightened tensions between Mali and France, Mali’s transitional authorities have asked for a review of the 2013 bilateral defence accords between Paris and Bamako. FRANCE 24 examines some of the details of the agreement and the likely impact of the latest development on the ground.  Slapped with tough sanctions that have effectively shut Mali’s … Read more

In Mali, ‘France is paying the price for its own ambiguity,’ expert says

France has increased pressure on Mali’s military junta since the West African regional group ECOWAS enforced tough sanctions on the country over the weekend. With the Malian junta calling for protests on Friday against the sanctions and international pressure, particularly from Paris, the stage is set for increased tension between the two countries. FRANCE 24 discussed the implications with … Read more

Niger and Burkina Faso kill scores of ‘terrorists’ in a joint operation, armies say

Issued on: 10/12/2021 – 09:10 The armies of Burkina Faso and neighbouring Niger said Thursday they had killed around 100 “terrorists” in a joint military operation against jihadists on the border between November 25 and December 9. The operation managed to “neutralise around 100 terrorists” and “detain around 20 suspicious individuals”, they said in a … Read more