Nikola Jokić’s performance brings up the age-old question: ‘How good must your team be in order to win MVP?’

Nikola Jokić is having a dominant season.Image: Getty Images The Denver Nuggets are currently 12-13, tied with the Dallas Mavericks for seventh in the Western Conference. Despite having Aaron Gordon for the entirety of this season, the Nuggets just can’t seem to get going. After starting the season 9-4, the Nuggets dropped six straight games … Read more

The Miami Hurricanes and Chicago Bulls have put the pedal to the metal, but don’t expect them to be what they were in the past

Hurricanes and Bulls fans have every right to be excited, but they can never replicate the success they had in the past.Illustration: Getty Images The young, promising Chicago Bulls are in second place in the Eastern Conference, and the Miami Hurricanes have high hopes after hiring a new football coach — it’s like it’s 1989 … Read more

Phoenix Suns’ solstice coming in part due to steadiness of coaching

Monty Williams has led the Suns to the top of the Western Conference.Image: Getty Images On Nov. 4, ESPN published a report detailing the racist and misogynistic culture created by Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver within the organization, which had reached a point where one former executive was quoted as saying “there’s literally nothing you … Read more

Darryl Sutter might look like Sam the Eagle but he’s doing that thing again

So far, Calgary has been the surprise of the NHL season.Image: Getty Images Merely by looking at him, and certainly when you hear him talk, it’s easy to dismiss Darryl Sutter as the hilt of old-school NHL coaches. Throw in the fact that he was nothing more than a bottom-six grinder in his playing career, … Read more