These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Thrive In 2022

No matter your zodiac sign, the new year is bound to have its ups and downs. Life here on Earth throws its fair share of curveballs regardless of what the stars say about it.

However, depending on the star’s positions, some signs just get better cards than others. While a better hand doesn’t guarantee success, it does make it more likely. And when it comes to 2022, there are three signs that stand out from the rest and can look forward to some extra celestial assistance.

Virgo: The Year Of Learning To Let Go

Jupiter and Neptune will sit opposite your sign throughout most of the year. They will be flying under Pisces in your ruling sixth House of Health. Meanwhile, you sit across the way in Pisces’ ruling twelfth House of Self-Undoing. 

Before the words “opposition” and “undoing” start sounding the alarms, don’t worry. It might not sound great on paper. But this planetary opposition is long overdue. Jupiter influences expansion, optimism, and good fortune. Neptune influences spiritual healing and dreams. 

Oppositions don’t always mean conflict. Rather, they signal an opportunity to work, learn, and improve. You have a natural inclination for hard work as it is. So, if any sign of the Zodiac could handle a planetary face-off, it’s you.

As inconvenient as it is for you, Virgo, you can’t solve all of your problems pragmatically. Evaluating every minor detail doesn’t always offer clarity. And sticking to your usual routines can quickly turn from helpful to harmful.

Neptune’s imaginative influence will offer new solutions to your problems. Thinking outside of the box will propel you forward into 2022.

Add in Pisces’ emotional energy, and you also have the opportunity to tap into your soft side. You’re used to controlling things with logic and reason. But 2022 will be a year for listening to your heart.

This opposition will be a fantastic learning opportunity. If you choose to accept it, it will catalyze your mental and emotional growth.

Pisces: The Year Of Trusting Your Gut

pisces zodiac symbol

You tend to get swept up by fantasy, which inevitably leads to disappointment. Your ruling planet, Neptune, only exacerbates this habit further. On the one hand, Neptune influences our imagination, dreams, and spirit. But it can also blind us to reality. 

Neptune has been under your sign since 2012, and it’ll stay there until 2025. Its dreamy, rose-colored energy often leaves you riding tidal waves of emotion. But Jupiter is in your court this year, helping to clear some of Neptune’s smoke and mirrors. 

Jupiter influences expansion, positivity, and good luck. This celestial giant will be flying under your sign from January to May and again from October to December. Consider this an astrological good luck charm to carry with you throughout the year. 

Additionally, detail-oriented Virgo sits opposite you in your ruling twelfth house. Just like Virgo stands to benefit from your compassionate way of life, you can also learn a lot from Virgo’s no-nonsense approach.

Your ruling twelfth house controls abstract concepts of self. You already tend to ruminate on these subjects in various shades of whimsy and melancholy. Virgo will offer some much-needed clarity and insight into that chaos.

Consequently, your 2022 will be a year for building self-confidence, making great emotional progress, and accomplishing your goals.

Cancer: The Year Of Thriving On Tough Love

cancer zodiac symbol

As a water sign, you’re used to feeling a little emotional a lot of the time. Your emotional intensity is boundless. From anger to love and everything in between, your feelings run deep. But next year, Pluto is offering a contrast to your usual softhearted self. 

Scorpio, a water sign infamous for its lack of emotion, rules this small, faraway ex-planet. Pluto sits opposite your sign in your ruling fourth House of Home and Family. Thus, this emotional shift will likely feel the most intense in your home life. 

As a cardinal sign, you love stability and routine. But in your quest to keep things the same, you often betray your inner needs and boundaries. You are especially prone to this with family members.

On the one hand, you love your family. You would do anything for them. But even family members can benefit from some tough love. Scorpio and Pluto will offer the nerve you need to accomplish this difficult task.

Still, don’t let Scorpio and Pluto’s icy exteriors fool you. There’s a big difference between apathy and prioritizing logic. Easy love has never been a problem for you. However, now it’s time to learn how to give, receive, and thrive on tough love. 

Not only does this better equip you for life’s ups and downs. But it also helps you develop a greater appreciation for your capacity to feel, empathize, and care.