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Transgender former WWE star Gabbi Tuft says she ‘faced a massive fear of coming out’



Gabbi Tuft faced a lot of fear coming out as transgender — and that’s exactly why she’s so open about her journey.   

“There was so much emotional trauma I went through. I faced a massive fear of coming out,” the 42-year-old tells Yahoo during Pride Evolution, a one-hour livestream. “My business, Body Spartan, is a 90 percent male demographic, and I was what you would think of as the epitome of the ‘alpha male’ when I was male. So to go from one end of the spectrum to the soft, delicate female, I was so scared I was going to lose everything.”

More than anyone, Tuft feared the response from her loved ones, including her wife of nearly 20 years, Priscilla.

“My family, my wife, my daughter, my friends — [I thought] they were all going to reject me,” Tuft explains. “I had many, many many dark nights where I contemplated suicide, and I was very, very close to pulling the trigger many times.”

Tuft’s experience struggling with mental health isn’t uncommon, particularly for transgender individuals. According to the Trevor Project, a national study found that 40 percent of transgender adults reported having made a suicide attempt with 25 percent of these individuals reported having attempted suicide before the age of 25.

Luckily, “fans and family were completely supportive from the start,” Tuft shares, noting “my wife loves me for who I am, and she’s the same woman that loved me when I was a man. My daughter fully accepts me, and she supports me.” But it’s also the way she feels about herself that has profoundly changed, declaring that she has “never felt so free my entire life” and that her entire perspective on the world around her has changed.

Now happy, healthy, and chronicling her experience through the Digital Gabbi Transformation Project, Tuft wants to use her position as a prominent figure in the transgender community to help others. 

“Knowing what I went through, there are other people out there, whether you’re transgender, male or female, or somewhere in between, I don’t ever want anyone to have to deal with that,” says Tuft. “We should live in a society where instead of a transgender person being fearful of coming out, it should be celebrated.”

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Elizabeth Banks: Images of myself can make me insecure



Elizabeth Banks battles feelings of insecurity over “images” of herself.

Elizabeth Banks

The ‘Pitch Perfect’ star has revealed looking at pictures of herself after events can change her “entire perception” of the night, as happy memories of the fun she had are often replaced by anxiety over the way she looks in photos.

She said: “Images of myself have always affected me.”

And recalling one specific moment in which she attended a school dance where she had an “amazing time”, she added: “This is before social media. I confronted a photo of myself after the fact, way after the fact, and it changed my entire perception of the night I had. On the night I experienced this dance, I had an amazing time. I got that photo and all I could think about was, ‘Oh my God, all anybody was looking at was my chicken legs and my raging acne, and my shiny forehead.’ The fact that it could ruin an evening for me still strikes me. I can still feel that feeling.”

The 47-year-old actress then encouraged other people struggling with their body image, especially when it comes to pictures, to remember “images aren’t our bodies”.

Speaking during her ‘My Body, My Podcast’ Audible original series, she said: “Self-images are incredibly powerful and there are never more images being made than now, and never more tools, like filters and Photoshop, to alter those images. It’s important to be reminded that images aren’t our bodies. They’re just pictures of our bodies.”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth previously said she is “uninterested” in having cosmetic surgery.

She said in 2019: “That’s something I will happily say to everyone, like I have not put anything in my face, I’ve never had a needle in my face.

“I’m really uninterested in the psychology of starting to mess with my face.”

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Bob Odenkirk ‘Doing Great’ After Medical Emergency, Says David Cross



By Corey Atad.

It sounds like Bob Odenkirk is fully on the road to recovery.

On Friday, “Arrested Development” star David Cross shared the good news that Odenkirk is doing much better after collapsing on the set of “Better Call Saul” earlier this week.

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Cross said in a tweet that he had spoken with Odenkirk over the phone and that “he’s doing great” and that fans “will be hearing from him soon.”

On Tuesday, while working on “Better Call Saul” in Albuquerque, Odenkirk collapsed due to a “heart-related incident,” though specific details about the emergency haven’t been disclosed.

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“He and his family would like to express gratitude for the incredible doctors and nurses looking after him, as well as his cast, crew and producers who have stayed by his side,” a rep for the actor said on Wednesday. “The Odenkirks would also like to thank everyone for the outpouring of well wishes and ask for their privacy at this time as Bob works on his recovery.”

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FBI joining investigation into lesbian’s ‘gruesome’ murder in Piedmont Park



Facebook, police handout

The FBI has joined the investigation into the fatal stabbing and dismemberment of a 40-year-old woman inside Atlanta’s Piedmont Park early Wednesday.

Katherine Janness was walking her dog in the park Tuesday evening when she was brutally attacked.

Janness’ lesbian partner pinged her phone and located her spouse’s body inside the park.

Janness’ body parts were found scattered about 100 yards inside the Charles Allen Drive entrance to the park near 10th Street in Midtown just after 1 a.m. Wednesday. Her dog Bowie was also stabbed to death.

Photo may have been deleted

Facebook, police handout

Bowie defended his owner during the vicious attack. FBI agents plan to use DNA from the dog’s saliva to identify the killer.

Atlanta police have stepped up foot patrols inside the park since the “gruesome” murder.

Police are trying to determine if Janness’ murder was random or targeted because the killer spent time with her body after she died.

Investigators aren’t ruling out a serial killer. Janness is the second woman killed at an Atlanta area park in the past week.

Police are asking residents who live on 10th Street near the park to check their security videos.

Janness worked as a bartender for Campagnolo restaurant in Midtown Atlanta.

A $10,000 reward is being offered by Atlanta Crime Stoppers for information on the case.

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