Winning seven NFL games in a row is hard — or is it?

Image: Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins are the first NFL team ever to post a seven-game losing streak and a seven-game winning streak in the same season. It’s not an anomaly stemming from the new 17-game schedule either, as it only took the Fins 15 games to go from “How the hell was this team predicted to win 10-plus games?” to “How the fuck are they 8-7 after starting 1-7?”

The answer to the latter is complicated. Yes, the defense has been good, allowing right around 12 points per game during the winning streak, but how much credit should they get for holding Ian Book — the winner of the Saints’ COVID-forced QB tryout contest — to 135 yards, no touchdowns, two picks and a QBR of 2.1? If Monday night’s win over New Orleans wasn’t a Corona-verse of Chaos, it possibly would’ve been their best win of these past seven games.

Instead, it was a jumbled mess like the rest of the NFL during Week 16, and people are killing themselves trying to make sense of timelines and character arcs instead of just enjoying one of the best movies since Avengers: End Game. Sorry, crossover rant. Basically, what I’m saying is I have no clue if Miami, Tua Tagovailoa and Brian Flores are on a hot streak or a lucky streak.

However, it’s my job to take a stance because the take gods demand it, so let’s rank each of their seven wins from least impressive to that Thursday night when they beat Lamar Jackson and Ravens.