AMAALA partners with Clinique La Prairie to unveil first wellness hotel brand

RIYADH: Saudi multi-project developer Red Sea Global has partnered with Swiss longevity clinic Clinique La Prairie to offer a new wellness resort at its upcoming ultra-luxury tourism destination AMAALA.

The project involves the development of the Clinique La Prairie Health Resort, spanning 36,115 sq. m, offering 13 villas and 52 rooms and suites, on Saudi Arabia’s north-western coastline.

The resort also features a diagnostics lab, museum, beach club, workshop and training rooms, private dining space, and a cooking school, ensuring a rejuvenation experience, according to a company press release.

As part of its wellness approach, Clinique La Prairie combines preventative medicine, genetics and epigenetics with customized lifestyle and nutrition plans, the release added.

“At AMAALA, we are creating the most important health and longevity-focused resort ever developed. We’re delighted to be building our very first full-scale destination in such an extraordinary setting and to help bring Red Sea Global’s vision of regenerative, ultra-luxury tourism to life,” said Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie, in a statement.

Clinique La Prairie will include an advanced diagnostics lab and radiology, physio, neuroscience, dermo, aesthetics, and dentistry. It will also provide a cryo-chamber, hyperbaric suites, IV infusions and a series of next-generation therapies, aimed at contributing to AMAALA’s standing as a distinctive wellness destination.

The destination will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy in line with its sustainability commitments.

AMAALA, being developed along the Red Sea coast, is constructing all its buildings about 100 meters away from the coastline to avoid interference with the natural habitat of the Red Sea’s fragile turtle populations.

Spread over 4,000 sq. km, the project’s lighting has also been done carefully to protect the night sky and limit the impact of artificial light on wildlife.

The first phase of the destination is well underway, and it expects to welcome its first guests in 2024. The retreat will consist of eight resorts offering upwards of 1,300 hotel keys.

Upon completion in 2027, AMAALA will be home to over 3,000 hotel rooms across 25 hotels, 900 luxury residential villas, apartments, and estate homes, alongside high-end retail establishments, fine dining, wellness and recreational facilities.