US comedian Kevin Hart exhilarated after MidEast portion of world tour

DUBAI: American comedian and actor Kevin Hart has taken to Instagram to celebrate the completion of the Middle Eastern portion of his “Reality Check” world tour, calling it “unbelievable.”

“You guys welcomed me with open arms… I saw and felt so much love from all of you!!!!! I have developed amazing relationships over here and I couldn’t be happier….Major thank you to all of my friends & partners for helping me achieve the goal at hand….it’s to simply bring us all closer together by making the (world) laugh. Laughter can and will bring us all together,” he posted on Instagram.

The comedian performed in Abu Dhabi, UAE; Sakhir, Bahrain; and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as part of his tour.

His Saudi Arabian fans took to social media to thank him for his show.

“Great show. Thanks for stopping by Saudi,” commented one user, along with a green heart emoji.

“Best show ever in Riyadh history thank you for visiting us and we are glad you enjoyed your stay,” wrote another fan.

Hart, 45, had his debut show in Egypt cancelled due to “logistical issues.”

The news followed an outpouring of anger in the country over his alleged past comments in support of Afrocentrism.