Clashes erupt in Iran over Mahsa Amini’s death

New protests and clashes erupt in Iran over the anniversary of Masa Amini’s death Three more people were killed by security forces in the western city of Mahabad on Thursday

Amnesty International says eight people have been killed by security forces since Wednesday BBC News

Photos: tasua mourning ceremony in Karbala, Iran This law serves to supervise the country’s’ moral ‘ police A team of this police detained the year-old Mahsa Amini from Tehran in September of yesterdaysometimes Amini went to Tehran with her family After the arrest, Mahsa Amini was rushed to the hospital when she fell ill at the police station

Mahsa Amini died while undergoing treatment in September After this incident, a storm of condemnation broke out across Iran Protests broke out in several parts of the country Concerned officials in Mahabad have accused ‘terrorist-separatist groups’of inciting protesters to attack government installations in the city

They also accused members of the law enforcement The state media did not disclose the identities of the victims

A man and two women were killed in the firing by security forces Hengo Organization for Human Rights, a Norwegian-based human rights organization, said Wednesday was the day of Mahsa Amini’s death After midnight that day, there were massive protests in the city of Mahabad and clashes between protesters and security forces.’

Photos: tasua mourning ceremony in Karbala, Iran Thousands of people gathered in the city of saqiz in Kurdistan, Iran on Wednesday Mahsa Amini is buried there

Videos from Khorramabad showed protesters chanting anti-state slogans calling Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei a ‘ dictator.’ This is considered the most serious challenge since the establishment of the Islamic Republic

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